Bridal Show Tips

Bridal Show Mania

Last Sunday Chestnut & Vine participated in its first Southern Bridal Show and Expo at the NC State Fairgrounds presented by Forever Bridal Productions.  Thank you to all of the brides and their entourages for stopping by our booth to learn about our day-of wedding coordination services.  It was especially fun to meet the valiant grooms who braved the wedding mayhem to support their beautiful brides.  These ladies have found keepers!

It was easy to differentiate between the first-time bridal show attendees and the veteran bridal show experts.  The veteran attendees wasted no time and got right to business.  Here are some great “Bridal Show Survival” tips that I observed during the show:

    • PRE-MADE LABELS with your name, fiancé’s name, wedding date, e-mail and phone numbers are a must.  Not only will this prevent hand cramps from writing your contact info a hundred times, the vendors will not have to guess if your e-mail address contains an “e” or a “c”.  You may have won a free massage or a full-photography package, but you’ll never know because we couldn’t read your handwriting.
    • LIMIT YOUR ENTOURAGE to 2 or 3 members.  Any more than that becomes a chaotic scene with the bride’s attention being pulled in too many directions.  Instead of collecting solid information about vendors in our area, the bride leaves with an overwhelming case of brain fog.
    • Speaking of your entourage, BRING A GOOD LISTENER and A RECENT BRIDE with you.  You will get bombarded with a lot of information in a short amount of time.  A good listener will help you remember the important details and refresh your memory of who you liked and why when you debrief on the car ride home.  A recent bride will provide helpful tips on what she did but more importantly what she WISHES she had or hadn’t done.  I lost track of how many Matrons of Honor told me their biggest regret was not hiring a day-of wedding coordinator.  (So learn from their mistake and hire Chestnut & Vine asap!)
    • YES AND NO” BAGS.  Start the sorting process before you head home.  Like a vendor?  Put their marketing materials in the bag you are holding.  Not interested in another vendor’s services but feel rude refusing their literature, put it in your friend’s bag.  Just don’t forget which one is the YES bag when you get home.
    • AVOID THE CROWDS by meeting with vendors during the fashion shows.  When you first arrive, stroll through the isles to get your lay of the land.  Then while the masses are watching the entertainment on the main stage, visit the vendors that interest you most.  We are thankful for the company and have more time to give you the attention you deserve.
    • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!  And if you are wondering how in the world you are going to bring all your ideas and vendors together for your wedding day, hire Chestnut & Vine to help you sort it all out.  Sorting through the chaos is what we do best!