Simple Tips for Easing the Tension with your Fiancé While Wedding Planning

Wedding Cake and Planning as a CoupleWe are delighted to have Guest Blogger Amanda Turner contribute her talents to The Corner of Chestnut & Vine!

Simple Tips for Easing the Tension with your Fiancé While Wedding Planning

Getting married is considered to be one of the most magical events of your life that you will never forget. Unfortunately, most of the time all that magic gets bogged down with stress from planning your dream wedding. During this time, tensions may start to right high between you and your fiancé. If you just got engaged, be proactive and follow these simple tips to ease some tension between you and your fiancé during this…exciting time!

Take a Break

Whether you’re knee deep in wedding planning or just popped the question, be sure to take a break. Whether you want to plan a mini vacation to relax, or just want to put wedding planning on hold for a couple of days, be sure to take a beat and enjoy being engaged.

Communicate with Each Other

Just like any relationship, healthy communication is key. When it comes to planning an event like your wedding, communication is even more important. There may be one person taking the lead on the planning, but that doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t want to have a say at all in the event. Be sure to keep each other in the loop and communicate if you feel like you aren’t being heard.

Learn Something New Together

Your engagement doesn’t need to be exclusively about wedding planning. Try and take some time to learn something new together. This could be anything from taking a cooking or dance class, to learning a new sport. Learn something new together, and you may even learn something new about each other in the process.


Have tensions already started to run high? Exercise it off! Believe it or not, if you feel yourself getting stressed or anxious, you may be lacking exercise in your life. Think about all of the pent up energy you have been investing in getting stressed or irritated. More often than not, all that tension melts away after a good workout. Try working out with your partner to release some tension and also spend quality time with them.

Stay Organized

Staying organized is key in mitigating any type of stress, and your big day is no exception. Try having a notebook or binder dedicated to wedding planning and fill it with mockups, ideas for decorations, and of course meetings and events you need to attend to. Keep in mind that weddings can be a big expense, so organization is important now more than ever to keep your finances in check. If you are worried that unexpected home expenses may leak through the cracks, consider investing in a home protection plan to save on potentially costly repairs while you plan and pay for your wedding.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Depending on your venue, your package may already come equipped with a wedding planner. If your venue does not have a wedding planner, do not go at it alone. Between remembering floral arrangements, keeping your timeline in check, paying deposits, choosing the food, and juggling your day-to-day is hard. A wedding planner may be the best investment you make during this process, and it will save a lot of tension between you and your fiancé.

Remember “Why” You’re Doing This

Keep in mind that you are getting married because you love each other, not because you want to have a big party – even though that is a part of the fun. You want to be able to enjoy being engaged and looking forward to spending the rest of your life with your partner. So, if you feel like tensions are started to run high, keep that perspective in the back of your mind.


About the Author: Amanda Turner is a freelance writer and recent graduate who is exploring her passions through writing. 

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