Meet Our “Friendor”: Willis J Entertainment


feat. Willis J Entertainment


Instagram: @willisjentertainment

Services/Products Offered: Wedding DJ Services/ Mobile DJ Services

Number of Years in Business: 5

Number of Members on Team: 3

Describe the experience you want your clients to receive when working with you and your company: What I love for my clients to know is that this is an experience. We don’t take it lightly that a bad DJ can ruin the whole wedding, but a good DJ can turn it into a real event! 

What are some questions that couples should ask when interviewing you and other companies that offer services in your line of business? Hmm…Well when speaking to any DJ company and/or vendor, see if you have a connection. There’s no point in continuing if you don’t think you gel with this person or their company. As far as questions, the usual – Are you insured? Will YOU be my DJ? Do you know who will be my DJ? Can I choose my own music? What are any fees or costs I can expect to pay? And the most important question…why you?

What price range should clients expect to pay for professional, quality services in your line of business? Typically for what we do – for a GOOD DJ – you’re looking at anything over $1000 for a 4 hour minimum.

What sets your services apart from your competitors? Willis cares! I really do. I have no desire in JUST being the DJ at your wedding. I want to build a real connection with you so that by the time the wedding comes around; I’m a good friend who just so happens to be an awesome DJ.

What do you enjoy most about your line of work? Being a part of one of the best days of someone’s life and being able to provide the soundtrack to it.

Is there anything else you would like couples to know about you and/or your company? We’re here to please. Anything we can do to make your day special we’ll do…as long as it’s legal…well…mostly legal. 🙂 (Just kidding)

If you had a month to go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do? Oak Island, NC. A sleepy little town with some of the cleanest unpopulated beaches you’ll come across. Plus, the seafood down there is top notch!

Chestnut & Vine’s “Friendor Feature Series” showcases our talented vendor friends (“friendors”) who share our passion for weddings, strive for excellence, have big hearts and are always fun to be around.  In this Q&A-style blog, we hope to provide you with a more personal look into the heartbeat and purpose behind their highly respected business.