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COVID WEDDING POSTPONEMENT: Tips on How to Politely “Un-Invite” Your Guests

COVID WEDDING Postponement Streaming Annoucement


COVID-19 has forced people all over the world to cancel important and meaningful celebrations, including countless weddings. My heart aches for all couples who are faced with the decision to postpone, reduce guest lists, or potentially cancel their special day, but these are unfortunately the cards that we’ve been dealt in 2020 . While it may seem daunting to have to “un-invite” guests, here are a few ways to communicate your decision (respectfully and lovingly) without hurting anyone’s feelings.



Wedding Postponement Announcement

  1. Thank your guests for their excitement and support for you and your spouse-to-be. 
  2. State that you are postponing, making the wedding smaller (e.g. only family and wedding party, only couple and officiant, etc.) or canceling until further notice , and explain your reasons for doing so (e.g. safety of you and your family, safety of your guests, government requirements, etc.).
  3.  Communicate how much you were looking forward to sharing your day with your guests but that it’s in everyone’s best interest to alter your original plans.
  4. [OPTIONAL] Invite your guests to join you via a virtual ceremony.
  5. [OPTIONAL] Announce that you will have an even greater celebration when it is permitted for everyone to gather together safely!

Wedding Postponement Invitation

Here is a sample of what your message might look like:

“Hello everyone! We want to thank you all for your enthusiasm and continued support for us and our upcoming wedding! Due to COVID-19, we made the tough decision to change our scheduled wedding plans and to include only immediate family members.  In light of the changing health requirements, we feel this is the best course of action to ensure everyone’s safety. Know that we love you and, while you might not be there physically, we hope you will join us virtually by viewing our wedding ceremony from the comfort of your own home.  Please visit our wedding website [WEBSITE ADDRESS] for updates on how to join the live stream. Thank you so much for your love and understanding through this crazy time, and please stay healthy and safe!”


Wedding Change the Date CardRemember, you are not in this alone.  Your friends and family members are your biggest cheerleaders and will support whatever choices are best for you as you begin your marriage.  While this pandemic may cause some setbacks, it does not need to take away from the meaning and authenticity of your wedding day. Sometimes even the smallest gatherings can create the biggest celebrations you’ll ever experience! 

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