Brooke’s Wedding Adventures (entry no. 1)

newly engaged how to plan a wedding

Hello friend! 

My name is Brooke, and I am Chestnut & Vine’s intern/blogger and a newly engaged bride! Having worked multiple weddings with Chestnut & Vine, I not only get to share my perspective “behind the scenes,” but I also get to experience this exciting journey as a fellow bride! Throughout this series, I will share my many ups and downs of wedding planning as a full-time college student, and I cannot wait to walk through this crazy adventure with you! wedding coordination how to plan a wedding


If you’re anything like me, you want to create the wedding of your dreams without needing to spend boatloads of money for every single detail. Now that I’m paying my way through college, our wedding budget is especially limited, so we’ve had to get creative through the process. I knew right away that I wanted to utilize the skills and help of my friends and family as much as possible, not only because weddings are expensive, but also because they take a LOT of work. I also knew that I wanted to make our wedding a personal experience for everyone attending our celebration, and incorporating some of our loved ones’ talents is such a beautiful yet practical way of doing this. You will in upcoming blogs exactly how we make this happen!


wedding proposal

How We Met: 


My fiancé Caleb and I first met the day my family moved to North Carolina when he and his dad, along with several others from their church, helped us move in. I still remember the little 12-year-old boy introducing himself to 13-year-old me in the storage unit (little did we know we’d just met our future spouse…) We got to know each other more through church and youth activities, and our families 

became friends over the years. We (finally) started dating five years later in 2018, and he (finally) proposed two and a half years later on January 3, 2021 on the lake during a family vacation! About two weeks later, I started my first semester as a theatre major at Liberty University in Virginia, and Caleb and I entered our first long-distance relationship together. Needless to say, it’s not my favorite thing. engagement ring planning a wedding


While the past several months of getting engaged, moving to college, and planning a wedding have certainly had their crazy moments, I am so excited to see how everything has come together and am honored that I get to share it all with you!

See you soon!