Brides & Grooms Should Have Their Cake and Eat It Too!

What is the #1 thing most wedding guests will say they are looking forward to at the reception?  The wedding cake.  So, it’s no surprise that engaged couples often stress over the sweetest part of their wedding day. While wedding planning is often a series of negotiations and compromises with well-intentioned loved ones, I tell my clients that their wedding cake should be exactly what they want it to be and not let others sway their opinions.  Whether it be a traditional tiered cake, cupcakes, an elaborate dessert bar, mini cheesecakes or a unique selection of homemade pies, when will there ever be a more perfect reason to enjoy a special treat that is distinctly yours than at the biggest party you will ever throw?

Here are a few creative treats from my favorite Triangle cake designer, Heather Singleton, owner of Party Delights


Can’t decide on a flavor?  Why not have two, three or even four different flavors?  Is cake not your ideal sweet treat?  Impress your guests with a deluxe ice cream bar with all of the toppings needed to make banana splits and brownie fudge sundaes.  Concerned you will have too much leftover?  Order fancy to-go containers and ask your caterer to box up the slices to give away as favors.  Guests appreciate edible favors, especially when late night, post-reception snack cravings hit!  So, have fun with your “wedding cake” and let your personal taste shine!

Earlier this month my entire family gathered in Central Illinois to celebrate the 100th birthday of our dear Grandma Nellie.  We had a blast celebrating the sweetest, most loving woman we know and reminiscing about all of the fun times we had at her house on the actual corner of Chestnut & Vine.  Whenever her 6 grandchildren would come for a visit, Grandma Nellie always made sure their favorite treat was waiting for them upon arrival.  My special dessert was cherry chip cake.  I remember one Christmas in particular when my youngest cousins were especially excited to see me, and it wasn’t because they missed me.  Rather it was because Grandma wouldn’t let them cut into her irresistible cherry chip cake until I had eaten the first slice.  So when Jason and I got married, can you guess the flavor of our wedding cake?

And since Jason graciously agreed to let me have my cherry chip wedding cake, I surprised him with a groom’s cake at our rehearsal dinner made of his favorite flavors – yellow cake with chocolate icing – that was a replica of his favorite t-shirt, which just happened to be what he was wearing the night we met.  So on our wedding weekend, we both got to “have our cake and eat it, too.”